The FireHouse Press

It was through the generosity of world-renowned restoration artist Othmar Carli that the idea of the FireHouse Press was born. Othmar spent more than twenty years lovingly restoring, and teaching others to restore, the interior of Sacred Heart Church at Broadway and Ferry. Over time, his heart embraced more than a church; he came to love the community. Othmar, who as child suffered the horrors of World War II in Austria, grew into a man devoted to the reconciliation of humanity, and believes that art is a powerful tool for healing both the individual and the community. Of Camden, he was the first to say that “art will save us.”

One of his many gifts to the SoBro community is that of a 1950 Vandercook Proof Press, which now lives at the FireWorks.
Watch this space for news about how this special part of the FireWorks enterprise will be coming to life!