About Us

OUR Vision

Our vision is a more beautiful Camden. Camden FireWorks serves as a sanctuary for people yearning for imagination and grace by providing a space to make, celebrate and learn about art.


Thursday- Sunday 11am-6pm
and by appointment:  856-338-0400
Coordinator: Cassie MacDonald

OUR Mission

Camden FireWorks is an arts and social change organization bringing artists and neighbors together in a hospitable place that awakens the creative capacity of our community and serves as a model for sustainable cooperation.

OUR Core Values

Camden FireWorks is founded on a belief in the empowering and reconciling nature of art-making and the importance of access to creative space for all, regardless of circumstances.  Our work will enact our core values:

Community; Diversity; Mutual Respect and Care; Imagination; Integrity of Place; Gratitude; Honesty; Hospitality; Dignity; Personal Responsibility