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South Broadway Arts


Our community on South Broadway in Camden is alive with both established and emerging arts initiatives. The FireWorks is surrounded by creative spaces. Check these links to learn more about a blooming arts district in the garden state:



Camden Shipyard and Maritime Museum


An interactive, cultural and educational facility developed in a historic church that was built using ballast stones brought from around the world in the holds of sailing ships. The Maritime Museum hosts programs and exhibitions related to local and regional maritime history, including that of polar explorer Matthew Henson. It is also home to Urban Boatworks boat building program. Young craftspeople of Camden build vessels, learning mathematics, history and their native riverways along the way. A highlight every June is the ritual launching of their new crafts!


Waterfront South Theatre


After several years of staging plays in the Sacred Heart basement, the South Camden Theatre Company finally built a home of its own on the corner of 4th and Jasper Streets. Off Broadway in Camden, the company not only stages four to five wonderful productions per season, it also provides a space for other artists to shine and opens the doors to neighborhood kids for free movie screenings in the summer. This 99-seat venue is a mighty little theatre, and was the pioneer art venue in Waterfront South, blazing the trail for others.

Sacred Heart Church

1739 Ferry Avenue, camden, nj

Sacred Heart Church is itself a work of astounding art and craft, constructed of hand-cut stones and housing world-class examples of sacred art, including paintings, statues and masterful masonry and carpentry.

Brigid's House for Writers

1719 Ferry Avenue, camden, nj

Writers have found a friendly place on Ferry Avenue since 2008, when Hearthkeeper Cassie MacDonald first opened the doors to host an ongoing generative writing circle, rally up guerrilla poets for neighborhood poetry murals and warm up the welcome for readings, workshops and creative gatherings of all kinds.  See you at the hearth!

Nick Virgilio Writers House

The Nick Virgilio Haiku Association was founded in 1989 to promote the writing of haiku poetry, to provide encouragement and support to young people to write poetry, and to further the work and poetry of Camden haiku poet Nick Virgilio.  The Nick Virgilio Writers House opened for programming in April 2018 and came out of the gate roaring, forming a partnership with the fabulous Mighty Writers!

Bee Still Studio

Brother Mickey, an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, is a popular and engaging presenter who happily travels to conferences, parishes, and retreat centers throughout North America to deliver the good news about deep and often whimsical connections between art and religious faith.

1813 South Broadway, Camden